The Isle Abbotts Village Hall is re-opening!

Your Village Hall Committee has carried out a full Covid Risk Assessment, following government guidelines (as of 14 Aug 2020)

A team of volunteers has now given the hall a deep clean. New arrangements are in place to provide hand gel sanitisers and to help maintain social distancing. We now feel confident that we can re-open the hall safely for certain activities and invite you to come along – Tai Chi starts on Mon Sept 7th at 2.30pm (outdoors if weather allows but indoors is also permitted); Coffee and Chat re-commences on Wed Sept 9th at 10.30am; Wellbeing starts on Thurs Sept 17th at 9.30am.

1.Here is a summary of our ‘Covid-19 Secure’ policy (the full policy is published in the hall and is also available from David Sutcliffe tel 281440)

2. What YOU can do when attending a village hall event:

a) One-way system: Please enter the hall by the porch door immediately facing you and leave by the ramped entrance door. This ‘flow’ is designed to stop people bumping into one another.

b) Hand gel: Please use the hand gel sanitiser provided as you enter.

c) Contact Tracing: Please give your name and telephone details to the event organiser. We are required by law to keep details for 21 days and then shred them.

d) Please maintain social distancing at all times.

e) Please use handwashing facilities – new paper towel dispensers have been fitted.

3. What the HIRER will do: The event organiser will ensure that social distancing, contact tracing and hygiene standards are followed. In addition before leaving the premises, the hirer will wipe down all touch points (door handles, rails etc) using disinfectant wipes provided.

4. The capacity of the hall has been calculated as allowing a maximum of 21 people with social distancing of 2 metres or 36 people at 1.5 metres. There should not be more than 3 people in the kitchen at any time. This will allow Coffee and Chat to start as well as Tai Chi and Wellbeing groups. Choir singing remains a problem, however and the government guidelines on singing are currently discouraging for large groups viz.

5. Face coverings are required for indoor events except where eating or drinking occurs (Coffee & Chat). ‘Face coverings can be removed if users are undertaking exercise or an activity where it would negatively impact their ability to do so’ (quote from para 2c of govt guidelines link at top of page). This dispensation applies to Tai Chi.

6. Good ventilation: Whenever possible, doors should be left open to encourage good ventilation in the hall.

The full Covid Policy was distributed at our recent AGM and approved by all those present. It will be displayed on the hall noticeboard and copies given to all hall hirers. A summary will be put on the village website. Our insurers have been kept informed of our re-opening plans and are aware that we have developed our own Covid policy. The policy will be reviewed if govt guidelines change (‘second wave’ etc).

Village Hall Committee 4/9/2020

Notice Date: 04/09/2020