After being silent for over a hundred years the bells were restored in 1999 and dedicated by the Rt. Rev. James Thompson, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells. The old wooden bell frame has been retained and raised on steel girders to the top of the tower. Work also included new flooring and furnishings in the ringing chamber. The original five bells were removed and repaired before rehanging with a new treble bell cast in Holland by Koninklijke Eijsbouts and inscribed with the names of the Vicar, Rev. J. Hiscox, together with those of A. Habberfield and W. Ashford, Churchwardens.

Bell No 2. (7cwts) was cast by Thomas Purdue of Closeworth near Yeovil in 1662. It is decorated with a vine border.

Bell No. 3 (8 cwts) was cast in Bristol in the 15th century and bears the inscription "Sancte Johanes ora pro nabis" circa. 1400. It has a unique initial mark in the form of a Catherine wheel.

Bell No.4 (9 cwts) is dated 1633, the following lines are inscribed on it "I will not fayle to sing mi part according unto musick arte, with me side mates I do agree, in perfect shape and harmony" Cast by Richard I and William III Purdue.

Bell No. 5 (11 cwts) bears the inscription "Sancte Paule ora pro nobis" It was cast in Bristol in the 15th century circa. 1450.

Bell No. 6 was cast by Geo Purdue of Taunton in 1619. Inscribed"Draw nearer to God"